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Annapoorna Groceries is a communal space, where people of all ages and all walks of life come to buy authentic Indian goods, enjoy a good drink and eat delicious sweets. Our customers are our fans too, and we want to share our passion with you. We buy everything carefully, every second day. Except for Sweets which are bought fresh every day from the finest natural reputed suppliers. What doesn’t sell that day goes to help feed the hungry – a mission that has been firmly in place since the beginning.

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Shopping from Annapoorna is always the best thing if you are looking for quality, variety, and comfort under one shade. You can anytime visit the website and buy your favourite product instantly. Whether you want to buy Indian spices or flour, if you wish to get Indian rice so that you can make Indian flavoured food at your home in Melbourne, you can explore our variety of range. To make your family time fun, you can buy different carrom board and card games from our store. This way, you can spend your quarantine with your family without going outside!

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