Everest Chaat Masala – 100GM

Everest Chaat Masala – 100GM


  • It is a main ingredient in chaat products like pani puri/gol gappa, bhel puri, sev puri, etc
  • It adds a tangy preference to recipe
  • A perfect mix of hand chosen seasonings
  • Rich in taste and also fragrance
  • Country of Origin: India
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Everest Chaat Masala


Chaat is a racy mix that gives a wild and vibrant tweak to the well-worn preference of Salads, Sandwiches, Fresh fruits, Finger chips, Snacks, Soda, Sprouted beans … you call it. Simply sprinkle, and enjoy, a new type of excitement.


Spray on Salties, Samosas, Sandwiches, Tikkies, Pizzas, Pakoras, Soft drink, Dahi Wadas, Papris, Burgers, Wafers, Paneer-Tikkas etc


Before you start: Boil, cut, fry till slightly golden 500 gms potatoes. Eliminate in a dish. Amazing.

Add 2 tbsp mint chutney, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1/2 inch piece ginger chopped, 1 sliced eco-friendly chilli & salt. Mix well. Sprinkle 1 tbsp Everest Chaat Masala. Include sliced coriander leaves.

IDEA: A lot of fruit chaats, aloo chaats, salads, grew beans, finger chips, sandwiches, tandoori prep work, punjabi prep work, fruit juices, dahivada and also various other snacks taste finest with a spray of Everest Chaat Masala.