India Gate Golden Sella Rice – 5KG

India Gate Golden Sella Rice – 5KG


  • Rice for perfect taste
  • Finest quality aged rice from India
  • Goes well with all types of curries and cuisines

India Gate Golden Sella Rice

Golden Sella is produced by a process of saturating, stress steaming and also drying out prior to milling. Golden Sella drives nutrients, especially thiamine, from the bran into the grain, to ensure that parboiled white rice is nutritionally comparable to brown rice. The starches in parboiled rice come to be gelatinized, making it harder and glassier than various other rice. The cooked rice is firmer and much less sticky. It’s extra-long length, excellence in quality and also smooth structure of its grains. The cooked grains will not break or stick together. The fragrance is delicate and also the taste is just alluring. This rice is beneficial for people with diabetes mellitus, although athletes, as well as individuals that are overweight, also stand to take advantage of knowing about this relatively new idea in great nutrition.

Weight 5 kg