Hawkins Futura Frying Pan


  • Made with a distinct trademarked procedure
  • Gas Stovetop Compatible
  • Top quality non-stick coating (made in Germany).
  • Locked securely right into the challenging difficult anodised surface below.

Hawkins Futura Frying Pan

Besides the fry pan with rounded sides as well as added elevation this variety likewise has the Futura Nonstick All-Purpose Pans which are much deeper as well as can be made use of for saut stir-frying and also deep-frying along with their usage as a fry pan. The All-Purpose Frying pan features a solitary lengthy take care of and also in a bigger ability with 2 brief takes care of. Both All-Purpose Pans have snug-fit dome-shaped covers which are ideal for simmering as well as the All-Purpose Frying pan with 2 brief takes care of makes a sophisticated offering dish.